Feblilac Rainy Days Tapestry by AmeliaRose Illustrations from UK

Sale price$19.00

Size: 39x39in (99x99cm)

Please note the ownership of the design and photo of Rainy Days Tapestry belongs to AmeliaRose who licensed Feblilac to use her work. Any infringement will be retroactively liable. 

Style: Rainy Days

  • The perfect tapestry for your witchy/fairy aesthetic room or dorm.
  • Use it as a wall or ceiling decor, bedspread or curtain.
  • Sizes: Multiple sizes are provided.

Made from super soft and durable polyester fabric, easy cleaning and fast drying.

Material: 100% Polyester. Digital Printed


Only cold water, hand wash or gentle machine wash, do not bleach or iron.