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Feblilac Flying Leaves Bath Mat

Feblilac Flying Leaves Bath Mat

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Like a Flying Leaves Shower Curtain to match the mat?

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🌿 This Feblilac Flying Leaves Bath Mat can add a fresh atmosphere to any bathroom!

🌿 Available in multiple sizes and crafted with heavy-density yarn for a thick, fluffy contact surface that offers exceptional comfort.

🌿 It's also super absorbent, allowing you to step out of the bath, shower, or sink without worry for dripping water.

🌿 Plus, its non-slip backing provides a secure grip on wood and tile flooring.

🌿 Maintenance is simple--just throw it in the washing machine with a gentle detergent and gentle cycle for easy cleaning.

🌿 For any questions, our customer service team is happy to help.

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