Feblilac Strawberries and Cream Shower Curtain by AmeliaRose Illustrations from UK

Sale price$30.00

Size: 120x183cm / 47x72 inches
Please note the ownership of the design and photo of Strawberries and Cream Shower Curtain belongs to  AmeliaRose who licensed Feblilac to use her work. Any infringement will be retroactively liable. 
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With the elegant design, this Feblilac Strawberries and Cream Shower Curtain will definitely provide cute and lovely atmosphere to your bathroom.

There are multiple sizes available.

Material: Polyester fabric

Features: Waterproof and machine-washable

Hooks: (You can choose different hook option when you place an order)
Different hooks of the different quality and color options are available.

Free Plastic Hooks / Metal hooks in Silver, Gold, Black, Nickel, White, Bronze, Matte Nickel.

Customized Service:

It's time to consider designing a special shower curtain for your bathroom. Try our new waterproof polyester fabric shower curtain with the latest design. Our unique shower curtain will brighten your bathroom and create a comfortable bathing environment.

You can choose a picture, a photo you like, or something you designed by yourself. No matter what style, we will let it come true.