Feblilac Strawberries and Cream Mouse Pad by AmeliaRose Illustrations from UK

Sale price$12.50

Size: 7.8″x9.4″ or 20x24cm

Please note the ownership of the design and photo of Strawberries and Cream Mouse Pad belongs to AmeliaRose who licensed Feblilac to use her work. Any infringement will be retroactively liable. 

Product parameters:

  • Product Size: Multiple sizes
  • Product Material: Lycra Poly cloth surface and Non-slip Environmentally Friendly Natural Rubber Base.
  • Smooth Lycra Cloth Surface:The mouse pad offers excellent control and smooth gliding, and it can be used with any type of mouse.
  • Non-slip & High Elasticity Rubber Base:The bottom of the features a non-skid backing so it stays firmly in place, not easy to slide, provide stable operation for mouse.
  • Sleek Design:Customize the mouse pad with cute and personalized design! Decorate your desk with your favorite images, it is also a great gift for women and men.
  • Color classification: Strawberries and Cream