Feblilac Simple Solid Color Wool Cashmere Living Room Mat Carpet

Sale price$799.00

Size: 55.1″x78.7″ or 140x200cm

Material: Wool + Cashmere.

SIZE: Multiple sizes available, please let us know if you need customized sizes.

Features: Good-looking, dirt-resistant, micro-velvet, quiet, resilient.

Color: The primary color of cashmere mixed with green velvet and purple and white velvet, beige under strong light, and grey beige under cloudy light.

Cleaning: Easy to take care of, you can easily take care of it with a vacuum cleaner. Local stains can be gently scrubbed with detergent. Overall cleaning is recommended to be dry cleaned, not washed.

Note: It is normal for the carpet to produce slight fuzz during use, please do a good job of regular vacuuming.