Feblilac Purple Vase Flower and Bird PVC Coil Bathtub Mat and Shower Mat by Stacie from US

Sale price$31.00

Size: 15″x23″ or 40x60 cm

 Please note the ownership of the design and photo of Purple Vase Flower and Bird PVC Coil Bathtub Mat and Shower Mat belongs to Stacie who licensed Feblilac to use her work. Any infringement will be retroactively liable.

Add a fresh atmosphere to your bathroom with this Feblilac bathtub Mat! Click the link below for more!

 🌸 Size
Multiple size including customized size is provided. 
Note: this door mat featuring a 0.39" (10mm), low profile thickness.

🌹 Material
The entrance mats are made of high quality anti skid PVC coil. Make everyday showers feel luxurious with the PVC coil Bathtub Mat and Shower Mat. 

🌺 Non-slip
The bathtub mat won't move around when wet or in use. Crafted from durable PVC, this mat offers superior non-slip protection, dispersing water and staying dry quickly. The hollow-carved design allows for easy cleaning. Enjoy peace of mind during your next shower.

🌼 Washable
The bathtub is as easy to maintain as it is to enjoy, easy to clean. Simply shake, vacuum, hose down.

Wanna a flower shower curtain to match the mat?

💐 Customer Service
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or would like to personalize the mat!

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