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Feblilac Plaid PU Leather Memory Foam Cushion Emulsion Cushion

Feblilac Plaid PU Leather Memory Foam Cushion Emulsion Cushion

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SIZE: Multiple sizes are provided.


Filling: Memory foam. Enjoy superior comfort and support with the Feblilac Memory Foam Cushion. Crafted with premium memory foam, it contours to your body for personalized cushioning and improved pressure relief.

Filling: Emulsion. The Emulsion Cushion provides superior comfort and support with its emulsion cushion design. This cushion efficiently absorbs shock and distributes body weight evenly, ensuring a comfortable sitting experience.

Cover: PU Leather.

Non-slip Backing:
Our non-slip cushion is more than safe and ideally suitable to grip various chairs. Note: please make sure that the surface under the mat is smooth, clean, and dry to prevent slipping.

Easy to clean: hand wash, machine wash, vacuum, dry clean.

Customer Service:
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

* The size of the product is measured by hand, there may be some errors.
* When you first obtain the rug, there may be some shedding; however, this settles after a week or so.
* Color shading may vary depending on the lighting, different facility, and software platform.

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