Feblilac Layered Vines Cushion Covers Throw Pillow Covers by Liz Gamberg Studio from US

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Size: 16″x16″ or 40x40cm(1pcs)
Cover only or with inserts: Cover only

 Please note the ownership of the design and photo of Layered Vines Cushion Covers Throw Pillow Covers belongs to Liz Gamberg Studio who licensed Feblilac to use her work. Any infringement will be retroactively liable.

This Feblilac cushion is perfect for adding a touch of vibrancy to any room. It features high-quality cushion covers with a unique pattern that is sure to stand out. Its delicate soft fabric ensures no shrinkage or balling, while its bright colors provide long-lasting vibrancy.
  • Material: 100% Polyester velvet
  • Fabric Weight: 300g heavy velvet
  • Machine Washable for the cushion cover
  • Handwash for the cushion cover
* Hidden zip closure for a modern 'clean' look.
* The size of the product is measured by hand, there may be some errors.
* Color shading may vary depending on the lighting, different facility, and software platform.