Feblilac Green Yellow Leaves Shower Curtain with Hooks

Sale price$30.00

Size: 120x183cm / 47x72 inches

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🌿 This Feblilac Green Yellow Leaves Shower Curtain features an elegant design that will impart a charming atmosphere to your bathroom.

🌿 With multiple sizes available, the curtain is made of Polyester fabric and is both waterproof and machine-washable.

🌿 Choose from various hook options, including free Plastic Hooks, Metal hooks in Silver, Gold, Black, Nickel, White, Bronze, and Matte Nickel.

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Want a green leaf mat to match this shower curtain?

 We offer customization service!

🎁 Consider our waterproof polyester fabric shower curtain for your bathroom, designed with the latest trends.

🎁 It will bring brightness and coziness to your space, and you can even personalize your bathroom by selecting a picture, photo, or creative design of your own.

🎁 Whatever your choice, we can make it happen!