Feblilac Green Background Irregular Daisy Handmade Macrame Hanging Wall Decor Art, Woven Tapestry, Wall Decoration @Frank’s design

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Please note the ownership of the design and photo of Green Background Irregular Daisy Handmade Macrame Hanging Wall Decor belongs to Frank who licensed Feblilac to use her work. Any infringement will be retroactively liable. 

This is a very beautiful and generous woven tassel tapestry, purely hand-woven, with a long history of craftsmanship. This tapestry adds charming colors to your space and instantly attracts the eye. In addition, it has an additional rope and rod for easy suspension.

*Technique: Heat Transfer Printing
Tassels: Hand Knotted
20×28 inch +8 inch tassel
(50×70+20cm tassel)
Each tapestry will give away non-marking nails, cotton thread and sticks. The sticks is 55-60 cm long.
Note that there will be traces when the non-marking nails are removed.

Washing instructions:Please note: the handwork is special, and there will be tufted and floating hairs in the first wash.
①Please use neutral detergent. The water temperature is less than 40 degrees, please do not soak for a long time;
②Hand wash or gentle machine wash. Do not use spin-drying, it may cause damage or deformation;
③After washing, it can be stretched around before drying, which can make the fabric smooth and effectively reduce the shrinkage rate;
④After drying, use an iron to iron.

Multiple occasions
Special design, suitable for various occasions, bedroom, living room, living room, office, cafe, bookstore, hotel, etc.

Best gifts: perfect gift for housewarming, birthday, Christmas, anniversary, new year, etc.