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Feblilac Flowers Oil Painting Diatomaceous Earth Bathmat

Feblilac Flowers Oil Painting Diatomaceous Earth Bathmat

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The Diatomaceous Earth Bathmat absorbs water super quickly, keeping your floor always clean and dry. With rubber on the backing, the mat is always non-slip in Bathroom.

WATER ABSORPTION AND QUICK DRYING: With the ability of strong water absorption, the mat can always keep the floor clean and dry.

STRONG NON-SLIP: The non-slip rubber bottom is firmly gripped to increase safety and stability.

SIZE: Multiple sizes available, please let us know if you need customized sizes.

EASY TO CLEAN: Since the mat dries quickly, so what you need to do is only to rinse and brush it softly, and just let it dry naturally.

USAGE SCENARIOS: Suitable for bathrooms, sinks, kitchens, or laundry rooms.

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