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Feblilac Cute Red Flower Cutting Entrance Door Mat

Feblilac Cute Red Flower Cutting Entrance Door Mat

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D60xW90cm or 15.7" x 23.6" 
D120xW120cm or 47.2" x 47.2" 
D145xW145cm or 57" x 57" 
D100xW120cm or 39" x 47.2" 
D120xW140cm or 47.2" x 55.1" 
D120xW160cm or 47.2" x 63" 
D145xW220cm or 57" x 86.6" 


The entrance mats are made of high quality anti skid PVC coil. Non skid entry mat conveniently and effectively traps excess water, dirt, sand, litter, snow, and debris, simplifying clean-up. The durable high traffic utility rug works well as a patio and garage door mat


Our rubber door mat won't move around when wet or in use - making it safe and perfect welcome door mat outdoor and indoor for pools, locker rooms, bathrooms, saunas, work stations, or anywhere people may be prone to fall or slip.

Our mats is as easy to maintain as it is to enjoy, easy to clean. Simply shake, vacuum, hose down.

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