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Minimalism Checkerboard Series Abstract Rug, Small Area Rug

Minimalism Checkerboard Series Abstract Rug, Small Area Rug

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Drawing inspiration from Albert Einstein's twisted dimensions, our design incorporates a captivating checkerboard grid motif.

By twisting and rotating the grids, we create a visually intriguing space that breaks free from the confines of traditional black and white patterns.

The addition of richer, brighter, and stronger colors in the checkerboard grid breathes new life into the design, offering an extension of time and space for your existing environment."

⭐About Quality⭐

"Our rugs are meticulously crafted using environmentally friendly cotton and polyester fibers. Each piece undergoes a handmade finishing process and proudly holds the prestigious Class A Green product certification from Switzerland SGS inspection since 2017 (code no. GZHL1707030684OT). These rugs are odorless, non-toxic, waterproof, slip-resistant, moth-resistant, and heatproof within a temperature range of 45-90 degrees. The base is made of eco-friendly TPE rubber, providing strong anti-slip properties. Additionally, our rugs can also be used as hanging decorative pieces."

⭐About Shipping⭐

"We offer expedited worldwide shipping with an estimated time of arrival of 7-15 business days to your destination."

⭐About Size⭐

Thickness: 23.90mm

Available Sizes:

  • 40*60cm
  • 53*80cm
  • 60*90cm


"The product description, accompanied by photos, clearly states the size, thickness, and materials used. We kindly request that you carefully consider these factors before making a purchase. Please note that returns or exchanges are only accepted in the case of major quality issues or if you receive an incorrect item. We appreciate your understanding."

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