Feblilac Strawberries and Cream Cup and Dish Placemat by AmeliaRose Illustrations from UK

Sale price$36.00

Size: 30x40cm or 11.8"x15.7"
Quantity: 2pcs

Please note the ownership of the design and photo of Strawberries and Cream Door Curtain belongs to AmeliaRose who licensed Feblilac to use her work. Any infringement will be retroactively liable. 

Add a fresh atmosphere to your house with this Feblilac Cup and Dish Drying mat!

Material: Polyester

WATER ABSORBENT / HEAT RESISTANT: Absorbs water or moisture condensation from hot to cold water. It’s also heat-resistant and non-slip, and the surface is protecting your furniture and table.

MULTI-USAGE: It can be used as cup and tableware mat, and also can be used in the refrigerator, cabinet and in your car.

HOME DÉCOR: Decorate your home space with this modern designed mat.

SET SIZE: multiple sizes are provided.