Feblilac Hairless Abstract Star River Area Rug, Multiple Sized Living Room Rug, Blue Poly Floor Rug, Anti Slip Living Room Mats, Soft Thick Area Carpet, Art Living Room Carpet, Hot Non Slip Floor Rugs


Add a fresh atmosphere to your Living Room with this Feblilac Hairless Abstract Star River Area Rug! And experience the comfortable warmth of simple sense life from the details.

Light luxury integrates the uncompromising attitude to life into the design!



140x200cm or 55.1"x78.7"

160x230cm or 63"x90.6"

200x300cm or 78.7"x118.1"


The area Rug is made of machine woven polyester yarn with weaving process and fine needle work. Hairless cool feeling surface offers exceptional comfortable feels to help soothe tired feet, and is dirty easy to care.

Non-slip Backing

Our non-slip area rug is more than safe and ideally suitable to grip various floors including wood floor and tile floor. Note: please make sure that the surface under the mat is smooth, clean, and dry to prevent slipping.

Tips of Cleaning
* It is recommended to clean the mat with a vacuum cleaner. 

* For local stains, dip a towel in a proper amount of professional detergent and wipe gently.

* Do not use a stiff brush to clean.

* Please clean the whole mat in a professional mat cleaning shop. Or ask a professional to clean it at home.

Customer Service
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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