Black and White Flower Diatomaceous Earth Cup Mat Set

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Add a fresh atmosphere to your house with this Feblilac Cup mat!


ECO-FRIENDLY: Made from diatomite which is a natural occurring soft, siliceous sedimentary rock that is safe.

WATER ABSORBENT / HEAT RESISTANT: Absorbs water or moisture condensation from hot to cold water. It’s also heat-resistant and non-slip, and the surface is protecting your furniture and table.

MULTI-USAGE: It can be used as cup coaster or small plant vase base, and also can be used in the refrigerator, cabinet and in your car.

HOME DÉCOR: Decorate your home space with this modern designed coaster.


2.7″x8.6″, or 7cmx22 cm

3.1″x5.1″, or 8cmx13 cm

Diameter 3.9", or 10 cm