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Collection: AmeliaRose Illustrations

      Hello! My name is Amelia Rose and I am a freelance illustrator from England. I am also a Born-again Christian, plant enthusiast, book worm and Hobbit at heart. I love drawing by hand and mostly use gouache paint for my illustrations.
      I grew up loving art with the influence of my mother, who is also an illustrator (Maria Devlin O’Reilly). I spent my teen years developing my artistic skills and style; and when I turned 21, I started my YouTube channel and created my website, in the hopes of becoming a professional illustrator. Since then I have been fortunate enough to do professional and personal art commissions.
      For this collection, I based my illustrations on Great Britain and my love of nature and all things “Cottagecore”. The four designs are -
1: Strawberries and Cream - Inspired by the traditional summer desert served at Wimbledon, (and my own favourite fruit).
2: Rainy Days - Inspired by the, well known, British weather…and including a little British Bulldog.
3: The Lion and the Unicorn. - This one is based on the legendary Lion and Unicorn (which represent the historical battles between England and Scotland); which appear in a well known children’s poem and also on the royal crest.
Design 4: The English Garden. - This design is inspired by the British (and my own) love of gardening, showcasing the various flowers and plants native to the UK. Including English Roses, Forget-me-nots, Primroses, Thistles, Lily of the Valley and Fern.

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    Perfect for our little bathroom here in Japan ❤️

    Red Koi Mat 

    I mean… come on haha what’s not to like 😭💕

    Fried Egg Mat 
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    It adds a pop of color to my bathroom & it’s so soft. I love it

    Mountain Mat 
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    I bought 2 and put them side by side to make a bigger entry rug. I love the added colour it brings to my front hallway.

    Colorful Mat 
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