Feblilac Japanese Style Blue Wave Cutting Entrance Door Mat

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Size: 40x60cm / 15" x 23"

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🌊 Enhance the atmosphere of your home with this elegant Feblilac Japanese Style Blue Wave Entrance Door Mat.

🌊 Available in four sizes -

40x60cm (15.7" x 23.6"),

45x75cm (17.7" x 29.5"),

60x90cm (23.6'' x 35.4''),

and 60x120cm (23.6'' x 47.2'') - each mat features a 0.31" (8mm) low profile.

🌊 High-quality anti-skid PVC coil makes the entrance mats durable and resilient over time.

🌊 The mats protect against excess water, dirt, sand, and debris, while special non-skid material ensures the mats won't move when in use.

🌊 Perfect for outdoors or indoors, from pools to locker rooms to bathrooms, this utility rug is easy to clean - just shake, vacuum, or hose down.

🌊 Need help or want to customize? Contact us with any questions. 

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