Customized Printed PVC Door Mat 7mm Thickness

Sale price$65.00

Size: 2x3feet or 23.6"x35.4" or 60cmx90cm

This Customized Printed PVC Door Mat is the perfect solution for busy households. Durable PVC construction ensures superior wear and tear resistance, while soft and comfortable flocking allows for a comfortable walking surface. The fully customized print will look fantastic in any interior. Make a stylish statement in your home today!

The Printed PVC Door Mat is a perfect match for indoor and outdoor welcome mats. It ensures durability with its PVC construction and allows customization for any entrance, inside and outside.

This PVC Door Mat is customized and printed for long-lasting use. It catches dust easily and dirt won't stay on the surface. The printing is strong and reliable, and the PVC bottom makes it more durable — expected life of 2-3 years. Regularly spray clean with a water jet and dust off the bottom with your hands. It is also waterproof.

Size: Customized size and printing is provided. 

Mat thickness: around 7mm

Material: PVC