1. What material is the bathroom mat made of?
- The bathroom mat is made of high-quality polyester and dyed using environmentally friendly processes. It does not fade or shrink after cleaning.

2. Does the bathroom mat absorb water?
- Yes, the bathroom mat has excellent water absorption properties. The material is also soft, and it can absorb water within 3-5 seconds when stepped on.

3. Is the bathroom mat slip-resistant?
- The back of the mat is made of TPR material, which provides a slip-resistant feature. However, make sure the floor is dry before placing the mat.

4. Can the mat be machine washed?
- Yes, the bathroom mat can be machine washed.

5. Can the mat be customized?
- All mats can be customized in terms of patterns, shapes, and sizes. You can even customize a single piece, making it a great choice for gifting.

6. Is there a discount for purchasing a large quantity of mats?
- Yes, if you purchase more than 50 mats, please contact us, and we will provide you with a very attractive price.

 7.What are the dimensions of the bathroom mat?
- We offer a range of dimensions for our bathroom mats to suit different needs. Our common sizes include 40×60cm, 50×80cm, 60×90cm, and 50×120cm. If you require a specific size that is not listed, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you with custom sizing options.

8.What is the thickness of the bathroom mat?
-The bathroom mat has a thickness of approximately 1cm. This carefully chosen thickness strikes a balance between providing a plush, comfortable feel underfoot and allowing efficient moisture evaporation. It ensures a soft and luxurious experience while effectively keeping your bathroom dry and maintaining a clean environment.