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Collection: Stacie Dale

      Hello!  My name is Stacie Dale and I am a freelance artist, fashion designer, and surface pattern designer. I grew up in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania surrounded by nature preserves and the home of John James Audubon where I discovered my love of birds and horticulture.
      I have been painting, sewing, and crafting since a very young age and enjoy the process of creating new products and artwork.  You will see a lot of happy birds and nature influences in my art.
      I am also the granddaughter of a horticulturist so I inherently know quite a bit about plants and flowers which helps in the creation of my work. I hope my artwork brings some joy to your day!

Best Sellers

  • Adorable

    Perfect for our little bathroom here in Japan ❤️

    Red Koi Mat 

    I mean… come on haha what’s not to like 😭💕

    Fried Egg Mat 
  • Good

    It adds a pop of color to my bathroom & it’s so soft. I love it

    Mountain Mat 
  • Love it

    I bought 2 and put them side by side to make a bigger entry rug. I love the added colour it brings to my front hallway.

    Colorful Mat 
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